My name is Will Martinez.  I am a budding photographer located in the Washington D.C. metro area.  

A bit about myself.........I was born in Managua, Nicaragua.  I love travelling and talking to people.  I think one of the best experiences I've had in life is having the opportunity to speak with complete strangers and learn from different cultures and point of views.

I study accounting at George Mason University and as you can see from the picture below, I served in the Navy for five years.  I learned so much in those five years and made some of the best friendships you can ever make.  Besides photography I do have other passions, I play drums and when inspired I also sing (in the shower) but not very good.  My singing won't get me a gig anytime soon and you definitely won't be seeing me on American Idol : )

I am always looking for interesting people with character to photograph.  If you would like to contact me or have any questions please don't be shy........I don't bite.....my contact information is below.


Will Martinez

For any questions please contact me:

(202) 480-9585

Or click on the email link below